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Frequently asked questions

Why the name AquaBytes
AquaBytes is the combination of two words, AQUA and BYTES. Aqua is an ambiquous word that has one of its meanings as mixture of colours, while Bytes is the plural of Byte which is the unit of computing storage measurement and it is equal to eight bits. So AquaBytes Technologies can be said to be the combination or mixture of colours or approches to different Technologies; and that's why we at AquaBytes Technologies are not fixed to a particular area of technology or approach of achieving our solutions.
Do you work on Weekends
Yes, Our standard working hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 10:00pm and 10:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday. However if a particular activity requires out of hours work, we are happy to accommodate as long as reasonable notice is given.
What is AquaBytes’s vision and mission
Our Vision: AquaBytes Technologies Ltd is a value driven preferred partner in assisting customers with complete ICT solutions.
Our Mission: AquaBytes Technologies Ltd optimizes business opportunities by rendering a service that:
  • is readily available;
  • is delivered by professionally qualified people;
  • provides latest technology products; and
  • transfers knowledge through training and development opportunities.
How do you charge for work done
We like to keep things simple. All phone and remote support is charged in blocks of time, Though we prefer to charge per job. Onsite work carries a minimum charge of one hour, and after that is billed in increments of time spent on project.
Can you offer competitive pricing on hardware and software
Absolutely YES! Another key difference about AquaBytes Technologies Ltd is that we sell beyond knowledge, advice and support. We also do supplies of hardware equipment and procurement advice is part of all of our support contracts, and additional support is charged at the usual flat-rate. This provides value for money for the customer, as you pay a fraction of the cost for asking our advice versus paying a mark-up on a product we would keep in stock. It also means we're not pushing a particular product to try and get a kick-back from a supplier, or trying to get rid of old stock. We'll offer you advice to get the best product for your business, at the best price, and put you in touch with the suppliers, which means the price you see is the price you pay.
What does an order cost
The costs are calculated according to the amount of time involved and the quality requirements or the products and services. These vary from project to project. Therefore, per project, you will receive an individual offer on demand.
Where can I find information about the AquaBytes Technologies Executive Board
Access the Team page for information about the AquaBytes Technologies Executive Board.
Where can I read current AquaBytes business and financial news
Current AquaBytes business and financial news are listed under the blogs and general posts pages.
Can AquaBytes Technologies accept partnership on projects
Absolutely YES! We are ready to partnr on any project in as much as there is an agreement with the company outsourcing to us.
Can AquaBytes Technologies accept to render services outside the shores of Nigeria
Yes please. We are ready to travel to render services outside the shores pf Nigeria both remotely and physically.
Why is it important for business owners to create an ecommerce site
Today, people have very less time to purchase items, by going to physical stores. They prefer to browse their mobile devices or PC and shop online. Having an ecommerce site for your business will help you to capture this market base and keep your customers informed about all your latest products and services.
How can I choose the best platform for my ecommerce business website
Before getting started with your ecommerce web development, consider the few fundamentals that can help to choose the best platform. Always consider the items that you are selling. Some ecommerce platforms can handle inventory tracking and multiple product options while some others will not. Consider the design options, payment gateways, security of the site, integration with other tools, features and pricing before finalizing on the platform.
How should I promote my ecommerce site
There are various ways to do this and the first thing to do is to promote the site to all the customers. This will help to increase your customer base. Your website address should be present on every advertisement that your company invests in. Register with the search engines and optimize your website as this will affect the traffic of your site.
What are the security risks that are involved with ecommerce sites
Ecommerce website owners should always keep in mind the three dimensions of security – confidentiality, integrity and availability. Business owners should develop a good strategy that can help to make the site and transactions secured. To avoid hackers gaining access to important confidential data, include encryption methods for any data transactions.
Is there any limit on the size of my product or customer database
No, as such there are no limits on the size. The biggest benefit of having an online store is that you can add unlimited products and catalogues and at the same time you can grow your customer base as you require.
Why should I use social media
Let’s face it: the world’s gone social. In fact, 30% of all time (and counting) spent online is allocated to social media. If you want to get in front of people, social media is the way to do it. Whether you’re interested in brand awareness, sponsored content, or a combination of both, we can help!
What social platforms should I use
The short answer: it depends. While Facebook is a great starting point, we like to get to know each client on an individual basis. Because every brand is unique, deciding which platform(s) to spend time on relies on factors like where your audience is, what products and/or services your business provides and the goals you wish to achieve.
How often should I post
On most platforms, it’s best to post at least twice a week, but some social media outlets are an exception. Twitter and Pinterest can be more frequent if your team has the time and the content to post. At Blue Compass, we post on Twitter daily, whether it’s socializing a blog, office event or relevant curated content. Another great way to stay top-of-mind is utilizing Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram Stories. Stories only last 24 hours, so you have the opportunity to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity with your content without being too excessive.
How often should I post non-self promotional content
In the world of social media, you get what you give. It’s important to share industry-related content, “real-time” photos and even user-generated content on a regular basis. At the end of the day, social media is a social network. Engaging with other brands and your social audience from a personable perspective shows people you’re more than just a brand - you’re a person just like them.
How can I schedule social posts
Creating a batch of social posts and scheduling them ahead of time will save a lot of time in the long run. We use Facebook Business Manager to schedule all posts that are released on our Facebook channel and our clients’ pages. For all things that go out on the Twittersphere, we prefer to use TweetDeck. Instagram posts can be scheduled through HootSuite, which also allows you to schedule posts on a variety of social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Since not all platforms allow you to schedule photos and videos in advance, we choose to post to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube in real time.
What tools do you use for social media marketing
In addition to the scheduling tools listed above, our team uses Google Docs to collaboratively write and edit social posts. We also use Adobe Spark and Photoshop to create and size images.
Can I delete bad comments or reviews on social media
Like most other things on social media, it depends on the platform you’re using. Let’s break it down.
What Is Involved in a Security or Vulnerability Assessment
For vulnerability assessments, we will look at the overall health of your systems. This includes checking your physical network security, LAN, and WIFI security, and the security procedures you have in place for your employees and data.

After an assessment, we will help you create and implement a plan to keep your business information and data safe, including the creation of a disaster recovery plan.
What are IT Managed Services (MS)
“Managed Services” is an industry buzzword that has been misunderstood by many Business Owners. Too many variations of IT Managed Services float around and it’s confusing. We are going with the definition, “Outsourcing of all, or part of information technology service needs such as 24x7 operations, and administration of network, security, operating systems, virtualization, malware, databases and storage to a service provider whose primary focus is to provide such services across a wide customer base”. A key test of IT Managed Services is whether the provider can provide these services agnostically, remotely, comprehensively and without a need for proprietary tools, or platforms.
What is High customer retention rate
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How do I measure marketing ROI
The best way to measure marketing ROI is with marketing attribution. The whole role of attribution in the marketing stack is to connect marketing efforts to revenue. Marketing attribution measures performance, often starting at the channel level, and tells you how much of the revenue should be attributed to each marketing channel. With that information, you can input your marketing spend, and calculate your marketing ROI.
What metrics should I use to measure my marketing performance
Revenue! In today’s data-driven era of marketing, it’s more important than ever for marketers to prove their value to the organization in terms of revenue-driven.

That said, it’s important to have visibility into your impact on the entire pipeline funnel. That means measuring how many leads you’ve driven, how many of those leads turned into opportunities, and then finally, how many of those opportunities turned into revenue.
What is the best attribution model
The "best" attribution model is different from company to company. If you're a small company with a short sales cycle, the best attribution model may be a single-touch model that is easy to implement and is relatively inexpensive or even free. But for most companies that have sales teams (e.g. B2B companies) and invest in multiple marketing channels, a W-shaped attribution model is recommended. It accounts for the whole customer journey, from the very first touch to opportunity creation, and puts extra emphasis on the key lead transitions.
When should I switch from single-touch (first or last click) to multi-touch attribution
Single-touch attribution is typically sufficient for companies that have short sales cycles (e.g. most B2C companies), companies that don’t use very many different marketing channels, or don’t spend very much on marketing. However, when your marketing team is spending thousands of dollars every month on paid media or when you are using multiple marketing channels or have sales cycle that lasts weeks or longer, multi-touch attribution becomes really powerful and necessary.
What is the “anonymous first touch” and why is it important
The anonymous first touch is the visitors first ever time visiting your website. Often, these first visits do not conclude in the visitor filling out a form, and therefore, are not tracked by marketing automation software. This first anonymous touch, however, is a big deal. The marketing effort that broke through the clutter and got the visitor to go to your website for the first time deserves credit. A good attribution solution will give the first anonymous touch the credit it deserves.
Does attribution help me with forecasting, too
Yes! Understanding the past with granularity is a great indicator of future performance. Take paid media, for example. If you know that campaigns targeted at X audience generated leads at X CPL, and campaigns targeted at Y audience generated leads at Y CPL, it’s much easier to accurately predict next quarter’s leads when you know how much you’re willing to spend on each type of campaign.
No attribution model perfectly models the customer journey, so why should I use it at all
It’s true that even the best, most advanced attribution solution can’t read the minds of our leads and customers and know which marketing engagements were the most influential. To be honest, the leads and customers probably don’t even know that themselves. But what does do a pretty good job of modelling the B2B customer journey and representing the impact of influential engagements is attribution that accounts for the big transitions in the customer journey: the marketing effort that got the person to visit your website for the first time, the effort that convinced them to give their contact information, and the effort that persuaded them to spend 20 or 30 minutes to demo the product. While it may not be a perfect representation, we think that getting 95% of the way is a whole lot better than 0%.
What’s the difference between attribution data and conversion data
Conversion data is a broad term, typically used by web analytics, to describe data around any visitor conversion. When it comes to B2C marketing, that’s not a problem because there’s really only one conversion: from visitor to customer. That’s what conversion data is built for. In the B2B customer journey, there are many conversions, so simple conversion data can be unhelpful. Are you talking about the conversion from visitor to lead? Or the conversion from lead to qualified lead? Or the conversion from qualified lead to sales opportunity? Or the conversion from sales opportunity to customer? Attribution data handles all of these conversions -- not just the first one -- and clearly defines the conversions that it’s tracking.
How do I connect AdWords to Salesforce
The best way is using AquaBytes Technologies’s attribution solution. It connects via AdWords’ API into Salesforce, making everything easy and automatic. And because it uses AdWords’ API, it can track down to the granularity of keyword data.
However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can manually track your AdWords campaigns via UTM parameters. If you want to track specific landing pages, you need more UTM parameters for that, and if you want to go down to the keyword level (which, if you’re spending a lot on AdWords, you do), you need more UTM parameters for every keyword and combination.
How can I track offline marketing
It’s important to measure your offline marketing as similarly as you are measuring your online marketing. If you’re using two different methods or using two different metrics, it’s impossible to compare performance across all of your marketing channels.
If you're using Salesforce, the best way to track your offline marketing the same way you track your online marketing is using AquaBytes Technologies's omni-channel attribution
Is there a minimum term contract
We have a recommended minimum term on all SEO service packages of 6 months. Although we achieve results fast, if you leave after just one or two months you are yet to experience the full benefit of the ground work we put in. To grow and maintain ranking SEO should be considered a long-term activity and this is when best results occur.
How long will it take to see results
The speed at which you climb the results depends on many factors. If you have done no SEO work and your phrase is not overly competitive it can be within days. If you have a very competitive market (for example ‘credit card’) it can take much longer. For the fastest ranking, we recommend you choose Sherpa Premium or Elite.
Who makes the content
All articles, PDF’s, press releases and videos are made by our own specialist team. Images and photographs used in your campaign content is sourced either from our own original photography library or purchased for your project. If we require specialist content or logo’s your project manager will request those from you.
Are there any keywords that you cannot rank
We cannot rank you for phrases already taken by another client. It would be unfair to rank 2 clients for the same phrase since only 1 can be the winner. Also there will be some phrases so competitive we just cannot guarantee increased rankings. If that is the case we will advise you. Lastly, we do not accept phrases including the word “SEO”
How many links can I expect
We do not sell packages by backlinks. Services that sell packages based on a number of backlinks may get tempted to produce low-quality links using spammy tools. The primary feature that sets our packages apart is we focus only on quality content distribution. We hand prepare the core resources and this original content ‘sticks’ in the search engine longer.
Where is your team based
AquaBytes Technologies Ltd is owned by a group Nigerian professionals and has team members here in Nigeria and team partners in the Dubai, in the UAE, UK, USA and Russia. The team has been hand recruited and trained by internationally acclaimed ICT and internet marketing experts and received over one year intense internal training before being assigned to our clients campaigns.
What are the log-in details for the accounts you create
These log-in details are preserved as a private information to protect the anonymity of you and our other customers.
Where do the articles you create get submitted
Articles will be submitted in high authority articles sites, web 2.0 properties and high page rank (PR 1 to PR 5) websites in our own portfolio.
Whose social networking profiles are used for social media postings
We have access to over 1000 social media accounts. Post from these accounts are not made in your name are definitely not representing your business on your behalf. They serve as an third party endorsements of your website content.
Can you provide me a link to where I can see the links you have created to my websit
To check on the links we’ve created to your website, sign in at Google Search Console, click on “Traffic” in the sidebar, and select “Links to your site”. From there you can download a list of recent links.
When I checked at the position of my target keywords in Google, it doesn’t seem to match with the result from your report. Why
Results will fluctuate on a daily basis and are entirely unique to each searcher based on their location and browsing history. The results we report have been checked with a clear browser cache and randomized IP addresses to simulate a fresh search.